One Colour

Frequently Asked Questions

Why the name One Colour?

This is the most frequently asked question. One Colour was arrived at in 2006 after an afternoon of brainstorming in Brisbane Botanical Gardens with Di's family. Along with this was the connection to two U2 songs "One" and "Electrical Storm", which are both inspiring for One Colour. A discussion in 2007 with a South African woman provided a further deepening of the name. This gracious woman said "why do we fight each other? When we are cut we all bleed the same colour blood".


How did One Colour come into being?

The idea grew from about 2004 onwards. Through a series of conversations and personal investigation, Di came to the stark realisation that her life was intensely fortunate while others who lived on the same planet lived lives that were almost without hope. This realisation, and the timely reading of an autobiography of Bono where he shares his wife's launching of a clothing label, EDUN, started a real pursuit of something more than wishful thinking. The compelling thought of Trade over Aid as a means to combat extreme poverty still drives One Colour.


What is extreme poverty? What can we do about it?

Extreme Poverty
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